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Alina Siddiqi

Alina Siddiqi was born and raised in Dubai. She completed her GCSEs in 2021, after successfully being included in the mainstream school system in Dubai.
Alina is a Special Olympic gold medalist in the sport of Artistic Gymnastics.

She won a gold and bronze medal for Vault and All-round in the 2019 Special Olympic World Games (SOWG) in Abu Dhabi and recently won 2 Silver medals for Vault and All-round in the SOWG in Berlin in June 2023.

Alina is a perfect example of fitness and fun. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle, training weekly in crossfit, squash and swimming; while continuing her gymnastics training with her coach.

Sport aside, Alina participates in musical theatre and loves to dance and sing to a wide genre of music. She also aspires to be a model and walk the catwalk!

Her top 3 goals are:
1) To meet Harry Styles
2) Learn to drive a car
3) Go to University

Her message to others is to stay fit, chose to include and make the impossible, possible.