The Taste of Purity Captured in a Bottle

MonViso 100% natural mineral water from Monviso Mountain in the Italian Alps has a purity unmatched by any other brand. Originating from Europe’s highest source at 2042 m altitude and protected at 3.8 °C away from pollution and human settlement, Monviso is bottled at source in Northwest Italy at the foothills of Monviso Mountain – the mountain whose water has been celebrated for its unique rejuvenating properties since ancient times.

MonViso is clearly the superior mineral water choice for you and your family. It’s minimally mineralized and extremely light, with one of the world’s lowest sodium levels. MonViso’s unique composition makes it perfect for everyone, including infants, and safe for consumption in large quantities.

We only use BPA-free bottles!

MonViso® water bottles are packaged in PET plastic and are (BPA) Bisphenol-A free.


Recommended for nutrition

Not all water is suitable for you and for your child. Click here to learn about the great importance of water during your pregnancy and for your baby's development

Very low mineral content

Total dissolved solids: 47.6 mg/l
MonViso Rocce Azzurre is pure and light and rises from a cool, pristine alpine aquifer at just 3.8°C.

Extremely low sodium level

One of the lowest sodium contents in the world with 0.33 MG/L, only 0.00003% in one liter. The low sodium content is important to prevent water retention and cleanse the kidneys.

High altitude, high quality

Spring height: 2.042 m above sea level. Such a pure water rises from the highest spring in Europe on the MonViso peaks.

Events and News


MonViso is active in the community through event sponsorships. We have sponsored numerous milestone Dubai events – XDubai, Xyoga, Nass Sport, SkyDive, and many others across causes and sectors in the UAE. In 2015 and 2017 alone, MonViso sponsored over 100 events as part of our brand’s fitness and social commitment. Events include sports days, marathons, exhibitions, festivals and award ceremonies.


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