Ensuring an optimal hydration is central to healthy lives, but MonViso is more than just a pure natural mineral water

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Once you finish your hydration supplies, we come to collect and recycle for free the empty plastic and glass bottles. The plastic ones are also given a new life by our partners at DGrade. 

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With every 1 litre of MonViso water that you purchase through participating companies, you contribute AED 1 towards transforming lives through our Take Water.Give Life program in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation.

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Optimal hydration for any moment of the day, wherever you are! Our water is suitable for all ages and all moments, from high-level intensity activities to fine dining cuisine choices pairing.





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We are always at the heart of our community, encouraging active and healthy lifestyles 

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.. special occasions

Whether you are hosting a festive dinner at home or you are experiencing new cuisines at local dining destinations, MonViso makes the perfect pair for your choices

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The neutral taste of MonViso cleanses the palate and enhances your experience.

.. all ages

MonViso water is for everyone, even for infants, thanks to its distinctive characteristics, such as the absence of chemical and biological contaminants, consistent chemical composition, low-grade mineralization and low sodium and nitrate content.

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MonViso Water has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as water suitable for preparing food for infants.

.. all activity levels

Be it yoga or walking, marathons or triathlons and even extreme sports, MonViso is a great choice to ensure your optimal hydration needs. 

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Athletes require minimum 3 litres of high-quality water per day to keep their bodies primed for an active lifestyle.

.. low sodium diets

MonViso Water has one of the lowest sodium levels in the world (only 0.33 mg/l) and is specifically suitable for low-sodium diets.

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The low sodium content is important to prevent water retention and to cleanse the kidneys.

..the entire family

Whether still or sparkling, whether at home, at school, at the office or on the go, MonViso is good for everyone.

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Dehydration can slow the metabolism by 3%.







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