Doing your bit for the planet is easier and free with MonViso®. You enjoy the water, we’ll take over the recycling. Simply request a collection via:


Then leave your empty glass or plastic bottles in a bag outside your door for collection. To make this process more energy-efficient, we collect a minimum of 50 crushed bottles per home.

These bottles are handed over to Dgrade to be transformed into 100% recycled fiber or a 50-50 cotton mix. What’s more, even the proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts are donated to the Al Jalila Foundation.

Choosing MonViso is a chance to join our sustainability initiative. It’s good for you and the environment. Buy your bottles online, via our app, or at your preferred supermarket or grocery store.


Every Hotel counts


As part of our ‘Take Water. Give Life’ movement, MonViso® collects and recycles empty bottles for participant hotels and provides personalised solutions based on volume requirements.