100% Natural

Monviso water is 100% natural mineral water, pure at its origin and bottled at source. Based on the European and Italian regulations in force, water can be defined as "natural mineral water" only if it has certain characteristics summarized as follows:

  • Originates from a subterranean and protected source
  • Free of bacteriological contaminants at the source
  • Has consistent features and composition
  • May have beneficial effects on health
  • Is bottled at the source in secure and sealed containers
  • Cannot be subject to any disinfecting or potabilizing treatments

Highest Quality, from Europe’s Highest Source

The higher the source, the greater the guarantee of a pristine environment and of high water quality. Monviso Water was born at 2,042 m altitude in the heart of Monviso Mountain, from Europe’s highest source, in a pristine alpine groundwater and protected at a temperature of 3.8 °C, away from any source of pollution or human settlement.

Minimally Mineralized, Extremely Light

Monviso water is very light, with a very low mineral salt content (49 mg/l). A water with these characteristics is not only safe to drink in large quantities, but also helps avoid physical fatigue, promotes diuresis and is recommended for controlling hypertension and kidney problems.

Only 0.00003% of Sodium!

Monviso water has one of the lowest sodium levels in the world (only 0.32 mg/l) and is specifically suitable for low-sodium diets. Can help lower and maintain blood pressure within normal values, thus helping to reduce the risk of developing the diseases mentioned above.

Suitable for the Preparation of Formula and Baby Foods

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Monviso water is for everyone, even for infants. Thanks to its distinctive characteristics, such as the absence of chemical and biological contaminants, consistent chemical composition, low-grade mineralization and low sodium and nitrate content.

Monviso's water has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as water suitable for preparing food for infants (Italian Ministry of Health Decree No. 3991, 3rd March 2011).