Drinking water while expecting

Water plays a key role through all the nine months. Our body is made up of approximately 70% water, and that is why it is important to drink a lot to keep healthy and flush out toxins. The amniotic fluid, where the foetus develops, is also made up of water, and must be continuously renewed for the good health of the unborn child. Out of curiosity: during the first 25 weeks, the foetus itself is made up of 90% water! This is why choosing high-quality water is important: drinking Monviso is a guarantee for you and for your child.

An expectant mother carries 7-8 more litres of water in her body. Water plays a vital role for correct cell function. It carries precious minerals and cleanses the whole body. It is advisable to drink more water while you are pregnant to meet all the metabolic requirements you and your child have.

Drink more, drink better

During the first half of pregnancy, the foetus is made up of 90% water. Your unborn child must always be properly hydrated: it floats in a safe shelter made of amniotic liquid, mainly composed of water, which protects it from temperature shocks, bumps and infections. Every hour the mother exchanges 500 ml of water with her child.

Physicians recommend drinking at least two litres of water a day. That is easy: start your day with a 1.5-litre bottle of Monviso and drink it up all throughout the day. Three more glasses in the evening and that is all.


The right water in the feeding bottle: Mind the labels

Always read the properties of the water you choose for yourself and your child. Be careful about the content of nitrates; water for children must have a nitrate content lower than 10 mg/l. Prefer minimally mineralized water or water having less than 100 mg/l of total dissolved solids: it is important not to overwork your baby's kidneys. Monviso contains only 2.4 mg/l of nitrates and has 49 mg/l of total dissolved solids. This is why it is the ideal water for yourself and your little one. Tip: do not drink water from a bottle open for more than 24 hours for hygienic reasons (increase in the bacterial load).

Always follow the instructions of the paediatrician and shown on the milk package about the proportions of water and powder milk. Do not just use any water. Choose a pure, balanced one to aid your child's digestion and not burden his/her metabolism.

The importance of water while growing up.

When your newborn cries, trust your maternal instinct: you cannot go wrong. Newborns are usually nursed every three hours but this can change from child to child. Be careful during the hottest months: make sure your child is always well hydrated and try to anticipate his/her need for water.

When your little one is suffering from diarrhoea, vomit or fever he/she will lose more fluids than usual, and therefore must be re-hydrated correctly. The same applies in summer or when travelling: always have some fresh water with you.

One-year-olds start playing and discovering the world around them: they will spend more energy and dehydrate faster. This is when diet habits are learnt and food flavours are discovered. It is important to accompany meals with a water feeding bottle: choose Monviso, a pure and balanced water that enhances flavours. It is without calories and hydrates the whole body.