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Humanitarian Initiative

“Take Water. Give Life” is a hospitality and retail sales donation program created jointly by MonViso and Al Jalila Foundation. Al Jalila Foundation is a global philanthropic organization founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and dedicated to transforming lives through medical education and research.
“Take Water. Give Life” is based on program participants’ sales of MonViso mineral water. It aims at generating donations for Al-Jalila’s noble cause through a donations formula as clear as MonViso: For every 1 liter of MonViso water sold, MonViso will donate 1 AED to Al Jalila Foundation.
“Take Water. Give Life” also has a green dimension. To protect the environment, MonViso will provide state of the art baling machines for participant hotels, collect and recycle the empty bottles, and then donate to Al Jalila the return from sales of recycled bottles.

For hotels and restaurants

“Take Water. Give Life” is about making choices that benefit your guests and your brand and is based on adding MonViso to your menus. MonViso is versatile and available in various sizes in still and sparkling versions. It’s a pleasure to serve across your facilities: swimming pool areas, mini-bars, gyms, spas, cafes, and fine dining restaurants. “Take Water. Give Life” may be the perfect fit for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, as it benefits both your guests and your brand.

For supermarkets and grocery stores

Since MonViso is a universal product with unlimited sales potential for your supermarket, there are several reasons to participate in “Take Water. Give Life”:

  • Engage 100% of shoppers of all ages

  • Touch your customers’ hearts

  • Gain exposure to your other merchandise

  • Create an online buzz about a good cause

“Take Water. Give Life” - IACAD License No. 2437

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