Skydive Dubai partners with MonViso’s “Take Water. Give Life” initiative to take giving to new heights

Dubai, 10 January 2018 – Skydive Dubai, the company that has developed two of the world’s foremost skydiving locations, has partnered with MonViso, Dubai’s premier Alpine mineral water brand and its “Take Water. Give Life” initiative to raise funds for Al Jalila Foundation’s lifesaving humanitarian work.

A global philanthropic organisation whose mission is to transform lives through medical education and research, Al Jalila Foundation was founded by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai. It is fully funded by the generosity of donors.

Designed by MonViso, the “Take Water. Give Life” initiative donates AED 1 to Al Jalila Foundation for every 1 liter sold by programme participants, and now Skydive Dubai is among the most high-profile of those participants. Keeping in mind both brands’ focus on providing customers a safe, premium experience, Skydive Dubai has also chosen MonViso as its exclusive water supplier. The two companies’ collaboration began in 2014.

Stefano Iorini, Monviso CEO said: “Skydive Dubai’s decision to partner with MonViso and support our initiative is a milestone, not just because of the charity fundraising potential of gaining a new prominent programme participant but also because of who Skydive Dubai is, the story of its inception, and what it has represented since its launch. Skydive Dubai is a destination, an experience, and a national symbol of excellence all at once. It represents the best of extreme aerial sports practiced safely. We’re thrilled about partnering with Skydive Dubai to give the height of adventure a whole new added meaning.”

Skydive, Brand Manager said: "As a brand, Skydive Dubai strives to provide its customers with an extraordinary experience that is both unmatched and of world-class standards. In MonViso, we believe we have found a brand that shares those principles, thereby helping lay the foundation for a solid partnership. We’re especially delighted about being able to participate in MonViso’s ‘Take Water. Give Life’ campaign that directly contributes to Al Jalila Foundation, in addition to boosting its sustainability agenda of recycling empty plastic bottles. We look forward to a great partnership."

The initiative’s objective is to attract institutions, companies, clinics, sport academies, and individuals and to turn an essential like water into becoming the driving force to do something good and to unite people in one cause. In line with Dubai’s vision to be the smartest city in the world, “Take Water. Give Life” is supported by the MonViso mobile app that allows customers to place orders online conveniently.

From 1 January 2017 to 1 April 2018, MonViso has donated the equivalent of 183,000 liters (AED 183,000) to support Al Jalila Foundation’s goal to save lives. The programme is growing rapidly, with 51 organizations across 11 sectors already participating in it. These participants include retailers, hospitality venues, sports clubs, as well as online orders placed directly on the MonViso website.

MonViso, like Skydive Dubai, is a forward-looking, world-class brand with a global consciousness. “Take Water. Give Life” also has a sustainability aspect. MonViso will collect and recycle the empty plastic bottles from various locations, then sell the recycled plastic and donate its net returns to Al Jalila Foundation.