Two Refreshing Infused MonViso Drinks to Keep You Hydrated this Summer

Water is the single most important, and often the most ignored, nutrient we consume. You can survive for about two months without food, but you would die in about seven days without water! That’s because water is essential for: 1) the functioning of biochemical reactions in our bodies; 2) supplying nutrients to cells; 3) removing waste from our cells; 4) maintaining blood circulation throughout our body; and 5) maintaining our body temperature, especially during exercise and during the intense summer months.

In most cases, thirst is a reliable signal that more water is needed. Once you start feeling thirsty, you have probably lost about 1.5 percent of the water in your body. Dehydration can affect vigilance, concentration, reaction time, learning, memory, mood and reasoning and can cause headaches, fatigue and anxiety among other more serious symptoms. Dehydration can also mask itself has hunger, particularly sugar cravings. So if you are trying to lose weight, make sure that you are properly hydrated!

During the intense summer heat and humidity, it’s critical that you increase your hydration levels with pure and highly quality water. Monviso® 100% mineral water, which originates from the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps in Italy, can satisfy your thirst, and can provide you with all the minerals that you need during intense summer months. But we realize that drinking water can be boring, so here are two recipes to infuse your Monviso water with a ton of flavor!


Strawberry Lemon Basil Still Monviso®


·       4-6 strawberries, hulled and quartered

·       1/2 lemon, sliced

·       Small handful of basil, scrunched

·       1 Liter Ice and cold Monviso® still water


Fill a pitcher to the top with ice and fruit. Slightly scrunch up the basil, and combine with the ice and fruit. Combine the mixture with 1 liter of ice cold Monviso® water. Let the water infuse at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Watermelon Mint Sparkling Monviso®


·       Watermelon (4 cups 1/2 inch-cubed watermelon)

·       Fresh mint (6 sprigs mint (lightly crushed) in a pitcher)

·       Water (add 1 litre of Monviso® sparkling water during prep and a second litre just before serving)

·       Ice


Add the watermelon and sparkling Monviso® water to the lightly crushed mint. Refrigerate 2 to 8 hours to allow the ingredients to infuse. Stir well. Strain to discard the solids before serving. For serving, add fresh watermelon and mint sprigs for garnish and plenty of ice.

Monviso Water