Hotelier Middle East - Take Water. Give Life celebrates its 90,000th donation


Through its Partnership with Monviso and Al Jalila Foundation, Take Water, Give Life has donated More Than AED 90,000 ($US 24,657) to support the lives of children and adults in the UAE.

Since January 1, 2017, the initiative has donated the equivalent of 93,225 litres to support the  Al Jalila Foundation.

The donations help to fund Al Jalila Foundation’s lifesaving humanitarian work through the medical education and research by investing in the UAE’s medical treatment capabilities. The humanitarian initiative also involves a sustainability programme as Monviso collects and recycles the empty plastic bottles from various locations, then sell the recycled plastic and donate its net returns to Al Jalila Foundation.

Take Water, Give Life works as a sales programme designed to donate 1 AED to Al Jalila Foundation for every litre of Monviso mineral water sold by programme participants. These include participating retailers, hospitality venues, sports clubs and online orders placed directly on the Monviso website. The initiative is also supported on Monviso’s mobile app, available on iOS and Android – providing a more convenient and accessible way for people to donate and make a positive change towards the medical developments in the UAE. The app also gives customers the option to recycle their water bottles with ease – contributing to saving the environment.

Take Water, Give Life CEO Stefano Lorini said: “We’re delighted that within such a short space of time the initiative has received such a positive response from partners and Monviso’s customers in the UAE. By donating more than 90,000 AED to the Al Jalila Foundation we’ve been able to help fund vital medical research that will help to change lives. We’re committed to attracting as many participating institutions, companies, clinics and individuals as possible to continue to raise more money to help transform lives through medical education and research.”

Al Jalila Foundation CEO Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama said: “‘Take Water, Give Life’ is the brainchild of Monviso and a great example of how creative partnerships and initiatives can deliver sustainable charitable revenues. We’re thrilled that the initiative has already received such a positive response, through the donation of the 90,000th litre. We encourage the community to further support our partnership with Monviso and hope to see it continue to go from strength to strength to help empower Al Jalila Foundation to achieve its mission to transform patients’ lives through medical research.”

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